Wheelchair access to sandy beach

Arun's present estimated cost for a disabled ramp over the stones to the sandy beach is around £500k plus yearly maintenance of around £10k per year.
This is because to meet legal requirements for ramp gradient the ramp is very long and built over the stones on stilts, would be largely unprotected from the weather.
Lower cost alternatives :

1. A lift direct to the sand from the pier deck suitable for both wheelchair users and pedestrians.

2. An access ramp where a large portion is 'protected' by its inclusion in the promenade.

All forms of beach access will require extra considerations of manning and maintenance, but plans based on the above may offer advantages of cost savings and speed of delivery.

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Wheelchair access to sandy beach
Address or location of the idea 
1. Bognor Pier 2. Immediately west of the pier, also in front of the old Esplanade site where the stones are naturally scoured by the sea, making construction easier to achieve.